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Ray Ban Jackie Ohh

Product no.: 90 occhiali da sole

Ray Ban Jackie Ohh II, Ray Ban RB 4098 extralarge sunglasses. Jackline Kennedy Onassis classic shape sunglasses.

99.00 € *
Price List 149.00 €

Gucci eyewear 4252/S

Product no.: 91occhiali da sole

Gucci 4252/S Gucci sunglasses women, luxury Gucci sunglasses shop onlne from Italy. Discounted from e 230 to € 161.




161.00 € *
Price List 230.00 €

Gucci sunglasses

Product no.: 82 occhiali da sole

Gucci sunglasses model 4241/S Eza Green Collection Italy sunglasses women fashion at super discounted prices

268.00 € *
Price List 345.00 €

Italia Independent Niro

Product no.: 89 occhiali da sole

Italia Independent Niro. Black sunglasses by Lapo Elkann. Buy shop online. Italian last fashion sunglasses

197.00 € *
Price List 297.00 €
In stock

Cruciani butterfly

Product no.: 71 gioielli

The famous bracelet worn by Belen. The Cruciani bracelets butterfly in macramé lace.

10.00 € *
In stock

Rebecca' Rings

Product no.: 83 gioielli

Rebecca' Rings, bronze and gold woman Ring, White quartz stone. A Style icon of italian fashion. Jewelry shop online.


120.99 € *
Price List 239.97 €
In stock

65 oggettistica

Product no.: 65 oggettistica

58.48 € *
In stock


Product no.: 68 oggettistica

Capercaillie Sculpture porcelain. Hand-painted porcelain sculpture depicting Gallo Cedrone Capercaillie

786.45 € *
In stock

Sandro Frattin Vase Murano glass

Product no.: 69 oggettistica

Sandro Frattin Vase Murano glass, dedicated to Pablo Picasso. Unique piece Venetian glass vases

2,419.83 € *
In stock

Coin Silver 150 ° Unification of Italy

Product no.: 76 oggettistica

Commemorative silver coin 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy 1861-2011.

On one side shows the Camillo Benso Count of Cavour and Italy on the other.

65.54 € *

Ziel XT Polar

Product no.: 77 occhiali da sole

Polarized sunglasses Ziel X T POLAR Polarized sunglasses ZIEL by CAI Italian Alpine Club. Polarized sunglasses for men shop online.

130.00 € *
Price List 150.00 €
In stock

Mugs by Alviero Martini

Product no.: 137 oggettistica

Mugs by Alviero Martini Italy. Home accessories Collection online. Ornaments and household items from the collection Alviero Martini

49.00 € *
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