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Van Gogh square bowls 66879750, 24 x 24 cm

Van Gogh square bowls, luxury porcelain bowl, Goebel Artis Orbis. Porcelain bowls, part of Vincent Van Gogh Goebel collection.

95.00 € *
In stock

Deeply in Love 2

Product no.: 192 oggettistica

Deeply in Love 2 Romero Britto figurine, first class furnishings by Goebel Artis Orbis. Colorful german porcelain figurine.

60.00 € *

Deeply in Love 1

Product no.: 191 oggettistica

Goebel Figurine Romero Britto. Deeply in Love 1 figurine, by Goebel  Artis Orbis. Britto colorful porcelain figurine.

60.00 € *

Clara Goebel cats

Product no.: 179 oggettistica

Clara Goebel cats. Rosina Wachtmeister handmade Goebel collection. Goebel cats, Goebel figurines

26.00 € *


Product no.: 178 oggettistica

Morgana Goebel Rosina Wachtmeister cats. Rosina cats handmade. Goebel cat's collection, Goebel figurines

26.00 € *
In stock

Tazio and Ilva Goebel Rosina Wachtmeister

Product no.: 174 oggettistica

Tazio and Ilva, Goebel Rosina Wachtmeister. Rosina cats handmade. Goebel collection. Goebel cat, Goebel figurines

32.00 € *

Casilda Goebel Rosina cats

Product no.: 60 oggettistica

Casilda Goebel Rosina cats, by Rosina Wachtmeister Goebel collection. Goebel cat, Goebel figurines, collectable ornament.

39.60 € *
In stock

Cornelia Rosina Wachtmeister kittens

Product no.: 177 oggettistica

Cornelia Rosina Wachtmeister kittens. Goebel cats collection shop. Goebel cats, Goebel figurines. Made in Germany

26.00 € *

Coloured horses 18 pieces

Product no.: 1 bomboniere

Favors for baptisms and communions. Litte coloured horses, 18 pieces. Hand made italian favors, original ideas for baptism or communions

172.41 € / set(s) *
In stock
can be shipped within 20 days

The Ladybug in the box of plexiglass

Product no.: 2 bomboniere

The Ladybug in the pink plexiglass box. Silver Favor for baptisms and communions decorated with Swarovski rhinestones

6.15 € *

can be shipped within 10 days

Favor with silver pendants

Product no.: 3 bomboniere

Favor with different silver pendants, in little plexiglass box.Italian Hand-made favors for wedding

6.15 € *

Wedding favors with heart

Product no.: 4 bomboniere

Wedding favors Placeholder, with heart in white ceramic and flower with white zirconia set in the center of the petals. 

10.08 € *
In stock

7 Dwarves

Product no.: 6 bomboniere

7 Dwarves with the house, a beautiful little yellow box holder 21 dwarves. Idea for party favors birth, communion and baptism

229.38 € / set(s) *
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days


Product no.: 7 bomboniere

Scooters Crhistenig and communion favors. Beautiful cake wedding favours with mini scooters ceramic

123.71 € / set(s) *
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

Magnet favors

Product no.: 5 bomboniere

Magnet favors. Wedding favors package hand-made. Beautyfull butterfly with bags for sugar almonds  

5.90 € *
In stock

Jars favors

Product no.: 8 bomboniere

Jars favors. Mini Honey Jars favors. Cheap Baptism and wedding favors decorated with 10 sugar almonds

6.20 € *

can be shipped within 10 days

Kids clocks

Product no.: 9 bomboniere

Kids clocks Communion and christening favours shop online. Cheap Baptism and communion favors Gifts for children

7.18 € *
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

Teddy bear favors

Teddy bear favors. Italian silver favors by Marcello Giorgio Italian silver unique favors shopping online

38.00 € *
In stock

Silver flowers for weddings

Product no.: 119 oggettistica

Silver flowers for weddings: reflects the colors of real flowers. Signed by Marcello Giorgio italian silverware

23.00 € *
In stock

Silver flowers

Anthurium silver flowers reflects the colors of real flowers. Marcello Giorgio silver flowers for weddings

60.00 € *
In stock

Spoon silverware

Product no.: 105 oggettistica

Spoon silverware online. Silver plate vintage spoon for sugar almonds Italian silverware the best price of silverware Italian craftsmanship

28.00 € *
In stock
can be shipped within 4 days

Royal Family for Sugared almonds

Product no.: 110 oggettistica

Royal Family Silverware online. Silver plate vintage bowl for sugar almonds Italian silverware the best price of silverware Italian craftsmanship

85.00 € *
In stock
can be shipped within 4 days

Salt shaker silver

Product no.: 136 oggettistica

Salt shaker silver plated by Royal Family Sheffield. Italian Silverware Royal Family collection online. Unique piece

39.00 € *
Price List 48.00 €
In stock

Sauce boats silver

Product no.: 135 oggettistica

Sauce boats silver by Royal Family Sheffield Italian Silverware Royal Family collection online. Unique piece

39.00 € *
Price List 48.00 €
In stock

Crystal hearts

Product no.: 84 oggettistica

Swarovski crystal hearts with wedding rings

Glass ornament with two hearts of equal size

20.00 € *
In stock

Swarovski crystal hearts 2

Product no.: 85 oggettistica

Swarovski crystal hearts with type rings wedding rings

Glass ornament 

25.00 € *
In stock

sculpture bear

Product no.: 12 oggettistica

Sculpture Bear Lying in silver resin signed Marcello Giorgio. Italian silver unique ornaments price online

77.00 € *
In stock

Teapots collectibles

Product no.: 4 idee regalo

Little Teapot trinket silver resin by Marcello Giorgio. Teapots collectibles, silver ornaments engraved price

43.00 € *
In stock

sterling silver boxes

Product no.: 7 oggettistica

Sterling silver boxes by Marcello Giorgio. Silver ornaments engraved. Best silver ornaments price from Italy

65.00 € *
In stock

Hourglasses for sale

Product no.: 121 oggettistica

Hourglasses for sale to collect or for precious wedding favors. Silver hurglasses sand shopping online

144.00 € *
In stock

Hourglass sand timer

Product no.: 120 oggettistica

Hourglass sand timer to collect or for precious wedding favors. Silver hurglasses sand ceremony online

78.00 € *
In stock

Silver plate stand

Product no.: 134 oggettistica

Silver plate stand for cake and fruits. By Royal Family Sheffield. Royal Family Silverware collection online.

180.00 € *
Price List 228.00 €
In stock

Greggio silver leaf

Product no.: 142 oggettistica

Greggio silver leaf Handcrafted Italian Silverware for weddings gifts and favors. Romantic gifts from Italy

29.00 € *
In stock

New Snow globes wedding

Product no.: 143 oggettistica

Snow globes wedding with musical box. Wedding Couple into a snow globes. Bride and groom ornaments, best gifts.

32.00 € *
In stock

Nina with the heart

Product no.: 19 idee regalo

Goebel Nina with the heart. Goebel Nina and Marco snow ball. Goebel gifts in porcelain from Germany. Ornaments and favors.

32.00 € *
In stock

Goebel Marco

Product no.: 20 idee regalo

Goebel figurines, Marco with the heart, glass balls, snow globes with glitter and hearts. Goebel Nina and Marco collection.


32.00 € *
In stock

Goebel Angel candle holder

Product no.: 205 oggettistica

Goebel Angel candle holder, Nina and Marco collection, the Franconian porcelain manufacturer. Good Idea for Baptism favors

13.50 € *
In stock

Alviero Martini Coffee Cups

Coffee cups by Alviero Martini Italy. Alviero Martini Home Collection, 1st class Alviero Martini. Ornaments and household items.

170.00 € *
In stock

Romero Britto Dancer Square Plate

Square plate Goebel Britto.  porcelain plate Romero Britto Dancer. Artis Orbis Collection by Goebel, made in Germany.

68.00 € *
In stock

Gloria Angel

Product no.: 206 oggettistica

Gloria Angel, Angel figurines by Goebel, the Franconian porcelain manufacturer. Angel figurines for gifts and favors. 

16.00 € *
In stock

46 oggettistica

Product no.: 46 oggettistica

37.31 € *

Spoon for oyster

Product no.: 105 oggettistica[1]

Multi-purpose spoon, with support feet, in Silver Silver Plated brand OLRI (Gruppo GREGGIO ITALY).
Multi-purpose spoon for oysters, also great for serving the oyster egg or for anything that can be contained in a spoon.
28.00 € *
In stock
can be shipped within 4 days

New Solid silver centerpiece

Product no.: 134 oggettistica[1]

Large circular table centerpiece in solid silver 800 Millesimis, finely chiseled and hammered by hand with a low relief in the shape of a shell,

Signed Stancampiano

Grams 1600.00

Dimension 40 cm

3,000.00 € *
In stock

New plate for amphora in solid silver

Product no.: 134 oggettistica[2]

plate for amphora in solid silve800
Millesimis, finely chiseled and hammered by hand with a low relief in the shape of a shell,

Signed Stancampiano

Grams 1600.00

Dimension 40 cm

3,000.00 € *
In stock
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bomboniere_per_battesimo,_laureaAll our favors are made entirely by hand with creativity and craftsmanship.

For the choice of objects Gioielli Occhiali OnLine offers the best of selection and quality.

For best wedding favors, graduations and anniversaries favors, view our items, from large and renowned brands such as Goebel, Alviero Martini, Marcello Giorgio and Royal Family, with best precious objects, to decorated ceramic by Walt Disney for baptisms and communions favors.

Favors ideas we presented are only a little example to show creativity and customization for the presentation of the gifts. The choice of colours, material and decorations are always customized by you.

We make favors for wedding, anniversaries, communions and christenings or for any event wants to be remembered in time. Order your favors and write to us for any detail, you can make party favors, exactly the way you want.

Useful and economical favors

Italian favors ideas, glass and pottery jars, trsparent jars with colored lid. Boxes and tins in plexiglass, pendants and wedding favors with sugared almonds in organza bags and jute, all handmade, all at cheap prices.

Colorful, original, made one by one, presented as cake of favors, with in the centre the most important gift. Order the item and call us to arrange the package, tulle, decorations, ribbon and the note.


Here are some examples. On the right : Pottery jar with blue and white lid, height 6 cm, diameter 4.5 cm, packed with 5 sugared almonds and 5 sugar mimosas inside, small bow and satin note: € 3.40 each one. 

Largest pottery jar, green and white lid, height 7.5 cm, diameter 6 cm, packed with 5 sugared almonds and sugar 5 mimosas inside, satin ribbon flower with jute: € 5.30 each one. 

Pottery small jar white and red, available in 4 assorted colors, height 6 cm, diameter 4.5 cm: € 2.70 each one without packaging; € 3.90 each one with 5 sugared almonds. 

Pottery larger jar, white and yellow, available in 4 assorted colors: € 4.20 each one without packaging; € 6.20 with 5 sugared almonds.

Pottery tin of paint, available in 6 assorted colors: € 3.10 each one without packaging; € 3.90 each one with yellow bag sugar almonds.

Rectangular plexiglass box. On each box assorted magnets butterfly: Plexiglass box € 1.30 each one; Assorted magets butterflies € 2.60 each one; Total € 4.90 each one.

Below we present many original creations that we have already made, consisting of objects of value, with an excellent value for money, to create from time to time and make it even more 'personal and original presentation of your favors.



Personalized wedding favors, original, handmade for wedding, useful wedding favors, packaged and presented as cakes, wedding favors with the center dedicated to the most important witnesses.

Favors wedding originals, like the favors all with different pendants, silver favors or precious and new italian favors with assorted magnets.

Many wedding favors ideas, from the cheapest to the most valuable, as the Gobel favors, Marcello giorgio favors, Alviero Martini favors and Royal Family favors. Go to see to Decorative objects, Gifts and Wedding lists

Wedding favors online, best prices, many ideas and news for gifts and wedding favorsChoose colors and material!



Crhistening favors, all prices for christening favors for a baby, pink or blue.

Original, economic and handmade, personalised to celebrate and remember one of the most beautiful moments. Little animals, scooters, characters, chairm packed with sugar almonds and lots of colors.



Graduation favors completely customized both in written and colors.

Fashion this year is little plexiglass boxes, with different pendants for each favor or with different magnets, like flowers, ladybugs, butterflies and many other objects.

The products offered are just some of our original favours creations. The choice of objects is virtually endless. For your wedding favors you can choose objects of value, with a great value price, and safety of packages accurate and crafts, to create from time to time and make it even more 'personal and original presentation of your wedding favors. Write us for any information! Contact Us

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