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Earrings Diamonds

Earrings Diamonds, Beautiful and delicate earrings model (Punto Luce) in 18 K white gold, with natural diamonds.


139.00 *
In stock

256 gioielli

Product no.: 256 gioielli

489.00 *
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255 gioielli

Product no.: 255 gioielli

520.00 *

73 oggettistica-0003 (Colore: Blu)

52.00 *
In stock

73 oggettistica-0007 (Colore: Rosso)

52.00 *
In stock

72 oggettistica

Product no.: 72 oggettistica

68.00 *

Earrings with pearls and diamond (Diameter: 8,5, Weight: 2,72)

Freshwater perls and diamond,18 k white gold earrings with white cultured pearls of japanese sea and diamond 0,4 k.

239.00 *
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can be shipped within 10 days

71 oggettistica

Product no.: 71 oggettistica

44.00 *
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Aquamarine earrings

Aquamarine earrings, natural aquamarine and diamonds. Certified diamonds 'No conflict diamonds' Jewelry made in Italy

289.00 *
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232 gioielli

Product no.: 232 gioielli

In stock

Silver centerpieces

Product no.: 113 oggettistica

Silver centerpieces sculpture 'Le Fanciulle' 'The Maidens' by Marcello Giorgio. Precious centerpieces for wedding

491.00 *

50 oggettistica

Product no.: 50 oggettistica

368.00 *
In stock

Arte Decoration

Product no.: 89 oggettistica

African ostrich eggshell by Art Decoration, certified and licensed exclusively from African farms. They have been decorated and painted by local artists.


199.64 *
In stock

Goebel Artis Orbis Britto Vase

Product no.: 190 oggettistica

Goebel Vase Romero Britto. Goebel Artis Orbis collection. Deeply in love vase, colorful porcelain vase Goebel Artis Orbis Britto.

120.00 *

Britto Big Apple Goebel Vase

Product no.: 193 oggettistica

Big Apple Goebel Vase Romero Britto. Goebel Artis Orbis collection. Porcelain flower vase, colorful porcelain vase Goebel Artis Orbis Britto

128.00 *
In stock

Romero Britto Plate Big Apple

Product no.: 198 oggettistica

Wall plate Goebel Artis Orbis Collection Goebel porcelain plate Romero Britto Big Apple. Goebel ornaments, made in Germany.

110.00 *
In stock

Egg cup silver

Product no.: 92 oggettistica

Silver egg cup chiseled by hand. Reproduction 1940 Silver to collect




100.83 *
In stock

Happy Cat Snob Dog

Product no.: 208 oggettistica

Happy Cat Snob Dog, Goebel Artis Orbis, Romero Britto vases, colorful vase in new-pop style. Britto porcelain vase.

100.00 *
In stock

Silver flowers

Anthurium silver flowers reflects the colors of real flowers. Marcello Giorgio silver flowers for weddings

60.00 *
In stock

Lighted bowl Goebel Artis Orbis Britto

Product no.: 157 oggettistica

Lighted bowl Goebel Artis Orbis Britto Goebel vase collection. Romero Britto A New Day. Crystal Goebel vase collection

65.00 *
In stock

Deeply in Love 1

Product no.: 191 oggettistica

Goebel Figurine Romero Britto. Deeply in Love 1 figurine, by Goebel  Artis Orbis. Britto colorful porcelain figurine.

64.00 *
In stock

Deeply in Love 2

Product no.: 192 oggettistica

Deeply in Love 2 Romero Britto figurine, first class furnishings by Goebel Artis Orbis. Colorful german porcelain figurine.

64.00 *
In stock

Coffee cups The Birth of Venus

Product no.: 207 oggettistica

Coffee cups The Birth of Venus Goebel porcelaine, Coffe goes Art. Limited edition porcelain coffee cup Artis Orbis.

60.00 *
In stock

Earrings with pearls

Product no.: 69 gioielli

Earrings with withe cultured pearls an 18 Kt white gold. For women, a classic gift for wedding and promise. Shopping online.

59.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

2 Goebel champagne flute

Set 2 Goebel champagne christal flute Gustav Klimt glass Artis Orbis collection.Guarantee of authenticity by Goebel Artis Orbis

55.00 *
In stock

5 oggettistica

Product no.: 5 oggettistica

50.41 *
In stock

Sauce boats silver

Product no.: 135 oggettistica

Sauce boats silver by Royal Family Sheffield Italian Silverware Royal Family collection online. Unique piece

39.00 *
Price List 48.00 €

Salt shaker silver

Product no.: 136 oggettistica

Salt shaker silver plated by Royal Family Sheffield. Italian Silverware Royal Family collection online. Unique piece

39.00 *
Price List 48.00 €

1 Goebel flute champagne

1 Goebel flute champagne. Flute champagne Gustav Klimt Artis Orbis Guarantee of authenticity by Goebel Artis Orbis

30.00 *
In stock

10 oggettistica

Product no.: 10 oggettistica

29.24 *

Greggio silver leaf

Product no.: 142 oggettistica

Greggio silver leaf Handcrafted Italian Silverware for weddings gifts and favors. Romantic gifts from Italy

29.00 *
In stock

Silver flowers for weddings

Product no.: 119 oggettistica

Silver flowers for weddings: reflects the colors of real flowers. Signed by Marcello Giorgio italian silverware

23.00 *

New Snow globes wedding

Product no.: 143 oggettistica

Snow globes wedding with musical box. Wedding Couple into a snow globes. Bride and groom ornaments, best gifts.

32.00 *
In stock

9 oggettistica

Product no.: 9 oggettistica

18.15 *
In stock

233 gioielli

Product no.: 233 gioielli

In stock

234 gioielli

Product no.: 234 gioielli

In stock

235 gioielli

Product no.: 235 gioielli

In stock

236 gioielli

Product no.: 236 gioielli

In stock

237 gioielli

Product no.: 237 gioielli

In stock

238 gioielli

Product no.: 238 gioielli

In stock

239 gioielli

Product no.: 239 gioielli

In stock

240 gioielli

Product no.: 240 gioielli

241 gioielli

Product no.: 241 gioielli

In stock

242 gioielli

Product no.: 242 gioielli

273.00 *

243 gioielli

Product no.: 243 gioielli

In stock

244 gioielli

Product no.: 244 gioielli

480.00 *
In stock

245 gioielli

Product no.: 245 gioielli

246 gioielli

Product no.: 246 gioielli

In stock

247 gioielli

Product no.: 247 gioielli

In stock

248 gioielli

Product no.: 248 gioielli

229.00 *
In stock
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1 - 50 of 115 results

Original ideas and class for weddings list and wedding anniversaries.

Gifts and home accessories. Many original ideas and class for weddings list and wedding anniversaries.

Wedding lists, gifts and gift ideas and accessories for the home.

Many original ideas and classy for weddings list and wedding anniversaries.

Household objects of design, quality craftsmanship, original and ethnic taste to decorate the living room, living room, bathroom.

Jewellery Glasses On Line offers a collection Alviero Martini 1st Class: accessories and tools for the table and the kitchen and the wine tasting, wine glasses, decanters, bottle opener. And yet the services of glasses, goblets and flutes, services, coffee and tea, dishes and cutlery.

And even wall clocks, lamps, picture frames, furniture, vases, pictures and plates of silver, fine art, crystals, feathers, chimes, mirrors, mirrors, Murano glass, and decorated ostrich eggs.

For the Sheffield silverware and other top European homes.

For ornaments, works of art Goebel, all hand-made and of high quality, crystal, figurines, porcelain and ceramics with reproductions of Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt, Lampen, Alphonse Mucha, Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Vincent Van Gogh

Gifts class Artis Orbis, art collections accessible and Rosina Wachmeister. In addition, we treat the products of the collections Walt Disney, Mignon Paris, Aurora, Rose, Its Argenti, Art Decoration.