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Favors, wedding favors ideas shop online. Italian wedding favors ideas and bomboniere. Italian handmade favours buy cheap.

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Wedding List, gifts and home accessories. Many original ideas and class for weddings list and wedding anniversaries. Italian shop online.

Gifts and Ornaments

Gifts and Ornaments

Gifts and ornaments. Gift ideas and home accessories. Valuable objects and design for your home and your office, to give to receive

Photo Frames

Photo Frames

Italian silver photo frames online. Silver picture frames  and crystal frames by Loren, Marcello Giorgio and De Santis Argenti, made in Italy

Home accessories

Home accessories, contemporary home accessories online shopping. Decorative home accessories interiors and favors.

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Flying Heart objects in a heart shaped

Product no.: 218 oggettistica

Flying Heart objects in a heart shaped by Romero Britto. First class furnishings Goebel Artis Orbis. Porcelain figurine handmade.

72.00 *
In stock

Snow globe Lets Go to the Christmas Market

Product no.: 44 natale

Snow globe Lets Go to the Christmas Market, snow globe with Hans and Anna with horse carriage. Christmas musical ornaments online!

150.00 *
In stock

Romero Britto Plate Big Apple

Product no.: 198 oggettistica

Wall plate Goebel Artis Orbis Collection Goebel porcelain plate Romero Britto Big Apple. Goebel ornaments, made in Germany.

110.00 *
In stock

Alviero Martini Coffee Cups

Coffee cups by Alviero Martini Italy. Alviero Martini Home Collection, 1st class Alviero Martini. Ornaments and household items.

170.00 *
In stock

New Gifts Card (Dimension: 100,00 Euro)

Card gifts for online shopping on Gioielli Occhiali OnLine. Gift Cards for all Categories & more at everyday low prices.

100.00 *

Britto Big Apple Goebel Vase

Product no.: 193 oggettistica

Big Apple Goebel Vase Romero Britto. Goebel Artis Orbis collection. Porcelain flower vase, colorful porcelain vase Goebel Artis Orbis Britto

128.00 *
In stock

Deeply in Love 2

Product no.: 192 oggettistica

Deeply in Love 2 Romero Britto figurine, first class furnishings by Goebel Artis Orbis. Colorful german porcelain figurine.

64.00 *
In stock

Deeply in Love 1

Product no.: 191 oggettistica

Goebel Figurine Romero Britto. Deeply in Love 1 figurine, by Goebel  Artis Orbis. Britto colorful porcelain figurine.

64.00 *
In stock

Goebel Artis Orbis Britto Vase

Product no.: 190 oggettistica

Goebel Vase Romero Britto. Goebel Artis Orbis collection. Deeply in love vase, colorful porcelain vase Goebel Artis Orbis Britto.

120.00 *

Mugs by Alviero Martini

Product no.: 137 oggettistica

Mugs by Alviero Martini Italy. Home accessories Collection online. Ornaments and household items from the collection Alviero Martini

49.00 *

Alviero Martini Trinket Tray ALV

ALV Leather trinket tray, wedding favors  and house objects made in Italy. Andare Lontano Viaggiando by Alviero Martini.

75.00 *

Lighted bowl Goebel Artis Orbis Britto

Product no.: 157 oggettistica

Lighted bowl Goebel Artis Orbis Britto Goebel vase collection. Romero Britto A New Day. Crystal Goebel vase collection

65.00 *
In stock

1 Goebel flute champagne

1 Goebel flute champagne. Flute champagne Gustav Klimt Artis Orbis Guarantee of authenticity by Goebel Artis Orbis

30.00 *
In stock

Sandro Frattin Vase Murano glass

Product no.: 69 oggettistica

Sandro Frattin Vase Murano glass, dedicated to Pablo Picasso. Unique piece Venetian glass vases

2,419.83 *
In stock

Crisolemon Buddha

Product no.: 66 oggettistica

Beautiful statue-sculpture of Buddha ornament in natural stone Crisolemon.

433.55 *
In stock

Italian Horn Amulet

Product no.: 90 oggettistica

Cornicello Rare Silver Italian Horn Amulet Pendant, a statement piece for those looking to enhance their good luck quotient.

23.19 *

Arte Decoration

Product no.: 89 oggettistica

African ostrich eggshell by Art Decoration, certified and licensed exclusively from African farms. They have been decorated and painted by local artists.


199.64 *
In stock


Product no.: 68 oggettistica

Capercaillie Sculpture porcelain. Hand-painted porcelain sculpture depicting Gallo Cedrone Capercaillie

786.45 *
In stock

49 oggettistica

Product no.: 49 oggettistica

38.00 *
In stock

Crystal hearts

Product no.: 84 oggettistica

Swarovski crystal hearts with wedding rings

Glass ornament with two hearts of equal size

20.00 *
In stock

Pomegranate ornaments

Product no.: 21 idee regalo

Pomegranate ornaments, paperweights, in silver resin. Romanti gifts, ornaments and home ornaments. Unique ornaments. Gifts from italy

22.18 *

82 oggettistica

Product no.: 82 oggettistica

45.37 *
In stock

81 oggettistica

Product no.: 81 oggettistica

50.41 *
In stock

83 oggettistica

Product no.: 83 oggettistica

50.41 *
In stock

79 oggettistica

Product no.: 79 oggettistica

159.31 *
In stock

78 oggettistica

Product no.: 78 oggettistica

25.21 *
In stock

Teapots collectibles

Product no.: 4 idee regalo

Little Teapot trinket silver resin by Marcello Giorgio. Teapots collectibles, silver ornaments engraved price

43.00 *
In stock

77 oggettistica

Product no.: 77 oggettistica

43.36 *
In stock

Coin Silver 150 ° Unification of Italy

Product no.: 76 oggettistica

Commemorative silver coin 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy 1861-2011.

On one side shows the Camillo Benso Count of Cavour and Italy on the other.

65.54 *

72 oggettistica

Product no.: 72 oggettistica

68.00 *

71 oggettistica

Product no.: 71 oggettistica

44.00 *
In stock

Marcello Giorgio Sculpture

Product no.: 67 oggettistica

Marcello Giorgio Silverware Recanati Italy, 'La Sapienza'. Centerpiece, sculpture owl. Unique object. Gift idea for graduation.

200.00 *

65 oggettistica

Product no.: 65 oggettistica

58.48 *
In stock

Pill box jewelry

Product no.: 55 oggettistica

Pill box jewelry with strass and mirror. By Gianfranco Ranoldi

49.90 *

53 oggettistica

Product no.: 53 oggettistica

23.19 *
In stock

Sparkling beaker in solid silver 800/1000

Product no.: 50 oggettistica

Sparkling-champagne cup in solid silver 800/1000, gr.122, with hand chiselled stem
368.00 *
In stock

45 oggettistica

Product no.: 45 oggettistica

45.00 *
In stock

10 ottica

Product no.: 10 ottica

48.40 *
In stock

Coloured horses 18 pieces

Product no.: 1 bomboniere

Favors for baptisms and communions. Litte coloured horses, 18 pieces. Hand made italian favors, original ideas for baptism or communions

172.41 / set(s) *
In stock
can be shipped within 20 days

The Ladybug in the box of plexiglass

Product no.: 2 bomboniere

The Ladybug in the pink plexiglass box. Silver Favor for baptisms and communions decorated with Swarovski rhinestones

6.15 *

can be shipped within 10 days

5 oggettistica

Product no.: 5 oggettistica

50.41 *
In stock

Turn Off Candle

Product no.: 6 oggettistica

Turn Off Candle Deer Head in solid silver. Italian craftmanship Silverware shopping online buy cheap




110.00 *
In stock

sterling silver boxes

Product no.: 7 oggettistica

Sterling silver boxes by Marcello Giorgio. Silver ornaments engraved. Best silver ornaments price from Italy

65.00 *
In stock

8 oggettistica

Product no.: 8 oggettistica

22.18 *

9 oggettistica

Product no.: 9 oggettistica

18.15 *
In stock

10 oggettistica

Product no.: 10 oggettistica

29.24 *

Carillon Christmas

Product no.: 2 natale

Christmas ornaments carousel horses animated carousel music box Carillon for Christmas Good gifts idea  





48.00 *

Owl magnets

Product no.: 6 idee regalo

Marcello Giorgio silver owl magnets for car or for fridge. Italian wall hanging magnets signed Marcello Giorgio

20.00 *
In stock

Silver Bear Magnets

Product no.: 8 idee regalo

Silver Bear Magnets Silver personalized magnets with message signed Marcello Giorgio. Precious and unique gifts from Italy.

29.00 *
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