Ziel telescopes

Ziel telescopes

Ziel Telescopes discounted prices 



ZIEL GEM 30 skywatcher telescopes at DISCOUNTED PRICES for you!

Cheap price Telescope Ziel Gem 30 refractor 900/60 is ideal for the beginners astronomer looking for a refractor telescope compact and easily transportable. The frame reliable, combined with coated optics, allows comfortable viewing.

Recommended for: observations of the moon, sun, comets, deep sky and land use, it is an economical, reliable and easy to use.



ZIEL GEM 24 is an astronomical achromatic refractor telescope, ideal for beginners looking for simplicity but with good mechanical and optical properties.

Skywatcher telescopes Ziel Gem 24, telescopes suitable for the land, the first observations of the sky and above the moon. Ziel Gem 24 refractor skywatcher are optical instruments cheap prices. Ziel Gem 24 reliable and easy to use.


ZIEL GEM 27 refractor skywatcher are optical instruments cheap prices. Reliable and easy to use, TELESCOPES ZIEL enjoy a 10-year warranty and am ensured assistance: Ziel GEM series telescopes Ziel best beginners telescopes.

Recommended for: observations of the moon, sun, comets, deep sky and land use, it is an economical, reliable and easy to use.



ZIEL GEM 35 TELESCOPE with motorized refractor! 

Telescope with good performance that offers high-contrast images, stable and sharp images throughout the field.

Ideal for astronomers who need a complete and reliable in all situations. Suitable for observation of the moon, sun planets, comets, and terrestrial use.

ZIEL TELESCOPES cheap pricesDo not miss this occasion and discover the technical characteristics of the telescopes ZIEL GEM series!


Gioielli Occhiali OnLine remember you that you can also visit our page dedicated to the binoculars and sunglasses ZIEL created for the 150° Annuversary of CAI Club Alpino Italiano. 


ZIEL CAI Sunglasses

occhiali_ZIEL_CAI_MONVISO_lenti_alla_melaninaZiel icon sunglasses created in the celebration of 150° anniversary of CAI Alpine Italian Club. The lenses of these sunglasses, made in unbreakable material for life ® NXT contain melanin, it is the most effective protection against sunlight, existing in nature.




Professional binoculars CAI  150° ANNIVERSARY

Unique binoculars for mountain's lovers, birdwatchingglacierstrekking

Performant binoculars, compact, reliable, even with compass and thermometer. Ideal for fans of the high mountains.


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Ziel 900mm telescopes

Product no.: 17 ottica

Ziel 900mm telescope, skywatcher portable, ideal for the amateur astronomer looking for a refractor telescope easily transportable

240.00 *
Price List 275.00 €
In stock

Telescopes skywatcher

Product no.: 18 ottica

Telescopes Ziel Gem 24 Ziel Skywatcher portable telescope.

95.00 *
Price List 105.00 €
In stock

Ziel Gem 27

Product no.: 19 ottica

Telescopes Ziel Gem 27 Ziel Skywatcher telescopes reflector vs refractor. Prices of december 2013 for the comet Ison passing earth

125.00 *
Price List 145.00 €
In stock

Ziel Gem 35

Product no.: 20 ottica

Telescopes Ziel Gem 35 Skywatcher telescopes Special prices for best motorised astronomical telescopes skywatcher

180.00 *
Price List 205.00 €
In stock
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