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Optics for sports and outdoor, from magnifying glasses to the binoculars, telescopes, compasses, altimeters and the many other products for leisure and outdoor activities. If you don't find the product you are looking for, please CONTACT US! We'll send to you some photos and information about the best items you are looking for.


Ziel binoculars

Ziel binocularsZiel Binoculars, best prices. Binoculars Ziel CAI, military binoculars for Italian Marine Army and colorfull Smarty binoculars.

Ziel telescopes

Ziel telescopes

ZIEL GEM TELESCOPES Skywatcher telescopes moon, sun, comets, planets, deep sky and land observation. Cheap prices


Made by Ziel for the CAI Italian Alpine Club and for Marina Militare. Ideal binoculars for sea and mountain sports. Shop online.

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Pixel Screen anti blue light film

Product no.: 58 occhiali da vista

Pixel Screen anti blue light film for computer, tablet and smartphone. Special Pixel Screen anti blue light film shopping online.


24.90 € *
In stock

Clip on tipper blue light lenses

Product no.: 57 occhiali da vista

Clip on tipper blue light eyeglasses, clip on Pixel Lens for computer users. Clip on Pixel Lens special anti blue light lenses online.


29.90 € *
In stock

Pixel Lens 04 presbyopia blue light eyeglasses

Product no.: 56 occhiali da vista

Pixel Lens 04 blue light eyeglasses, anti blue light eyeglasses prescription, presbyopia eyeglasses, against LIGHT BLUE and UV rays. 



31.90 € *
In stock

Binoculars Ziel Z-CAI 10 x 26

Binoculars Ziel Z-CAI approved by the Italian Alpine Club, deal for hiking, high mountain, sport and travel. Binoculars shop online.

190.00 € *

Folding magnifiers

Product no.: 5 ottica

Folding magnifiers Eschenbach

28.23 € *
In stock
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