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Freeski Adults ski goggle prescription insert

Freeski ski goggle prescription insert, to add prescripton lenses to ski goggles and snowboard masks. 

50.00 *
In stock

SH+ TRINITY Snowboard Goggles

Product no.: 49 occhiali sport

SH+ TRINITY snowboard goggles also prescription lenses. Best ski and snowboard goggles shop online

74.00 *

Spy Platoon snowboard mask

Product no.: 50 occhiali sport

SPY+ WILEY MILLER BRONZEw/GOLD MIRROR + PERSIMMON snowboard masks and sky goggles online sale. Best goggles for snowboarding

180.00 *

SH+ RAPID Kids Ski Goggles

SH+ RAPID Kids Ski Goggles, snow goggles for kids. Snowboard and ski goggles for small faces.

49.00 *

Multisport ski goggles

Product no.: 51 occhiali sport

Multisport ski goggles, multi sport goggles, also prescription lenses. Best ski and snowboard goggles shop online

83.00 *

SH+ Kosmik snowboard goggles

SH+ Kosmik Ski and snowboard goggles also prescription lenses. Best ski and snowboard goggles shop online

67.00 *

Spy Marshall Louie Vito

Product no.: 54 occhiali sport

Spy Marshall Louie Vito goggles sky and snowboard Spy+. Flight Strap and Blu Contact Lens Sky snowboard goggles

150.00 *

Spy Marshall Amethyst

Product no.: 55 occhiali sport

Spy Marshall Amethyst Sky goggles and snowboard Spy+. Bronze w/dark blue spectra lenses. Spy+ shopping online

130.00 *

Ziel Change XV.2

Product no.: 76 occhiali da sole

Ziel Change XV.2 sunglasses ZIEL CAI sunglasses Italian Alpine Club. Even prescription sunglasses. Shop online.

185.00 *

Ziel XT Polar

Product no.: 77 occhiali da sole

Polarized sunglasses Ziel X T POLAR Polarized sunglasses ZIEL by CAI Italian Alpine Club. Polarized sunglasses for men shop online.

130.00 *
Price List 150.00 €
In stock

Start S010

Product no.: 9 occhiali sport

Start S010 cycling eyewear prescription with clip-on for additional optical lenses and interchangeable lenses yellow, gray and orange.

101.00 *

Start glacier glasses

Start glacier glasses prescription. Snow polarized sunglasses  Italian design glacier eyewear

79.00 *

Classic ski goggles

Classic ski goggles, snowboard and ski goggles also prescription lenses. Best ski and snowboard goggles shop online

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In stock

Ziel Change XV4

Ziel Change XV4 Ziel sunglasses prescription. Approved by CAI Italian Alpine Club. Prescription sunglasses lens

198.00 *
In stock

Adidas Terrex Pro A143 outdoor eyewear

Adidas Terrex Pro outdoor eyewear. Glacier glasses, snow sunglasses also prescription. Italian design. 

250.00 *
Price List 277.00 €

Ziel Pro Change sports sunglasses interchangeable lenses

Product no.: 121 occhiali da sole

Ziel Pro Change sports sunglasses interchangeable lenses. Ziel sunglasses also prescription. Approved by CAI Italian Alpine Club. 

150.00 *
Price List 190.00 €

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For those who wear prescription eyeglasses. Install corrective lenses and wear Alpina sports glasses.

Sports glasses Alpina, Alpina Twist Four VL + lens technology VarioFlex , Alpina PSO Tri- Horray , Alpina PSO Swing 33, 40, 44, 60, are eyeglasses with interchangeable sun lenses, spare lenses. Sunglasses varius filter lenses are available as an optional with solar filters for viewing in bright sunlight or in poor visibility conditions such as fog and haze .

The two models of sport prescription glasses ALPINA TWIST FOUR VL and ALPINA TRI- Horray and the other famous models ALPINA PRO SPORT OPTIC SWING have the attractive appearance of the ALPINA sports eyewear , and also have the same characteristics : in particular, wind protection , high breaking strength of the lenses, UV protection and 100%.

Alpina eyeglasses, because of their characteristics are mentioned sports goggles for skiing , snowboarding , mountaineering and glacier. The ALPINA sunglasses properties , wind protection, high impact strength , UV protection 100% secure with the replacement of sunglasses lenses, are sports eyewear also for cycling sunglasses, glasses for the running.

Alpina Pro Sport Optic Swing 33, Alpina Pro Optic Sport Swing 40, Alpina Pro Sport Optic Swing 44, Alpina Pro Sport Optic Swing 60, mount lenses with Ceramic technology, maximum resistance to impact, sun protection 100% UV-A, UV-B . UV-C up to 400 nm (nm = wavelength of visible light).

These models are glasses with spare lenses, sports eyeglasses with additional sparelenses in 6 different color of sunscreens. Easy you can mount the most appropriate filter to the light conditions and visibility.

All Alpina sport sunglasses are available with sunscreen Grey-Smoke and Clear_transparent sunscreen already included in the price, (see detailed descriptions for each model).

The additional filters Ceramic for models Alpina Pro Optic Sport Swing are optional and are sold separately.


Prescription sports sunglasses with interchangeable lenses

Alpina Spare Lenses

  • RUBY-RED ROSE POLARIZED Category S1. Spare lenses polarized to 30% which guarantees perfect visibility and contrast than any other color in conditions of poor visibility or haze.
  • TINT - ORANGE Category S1. Spare lenses indicated in conditions of poor visibility and haze.

Alpina glasses models Pro Sport Optic Swing 33, Pro Sport Optic Swing 40, Pro Sport Optic Swing 44 and Pro Sport Optic Swing 60 have a feature that no sports eyewear offers: while maintaining a bend in base 8 there are no limits for the correction due to the base 4 in which mounting the lens.

ALPINA prescription sport glasses and sunglasses are suitable for all kinds of sports especially for skiing as they replace the mask, with the possibility to mountl corrective lenses: an optical solution at the highest levels. Thank to ALPINA PRO SPORT OPTIC who is in constant war with the diopter can see more clearly again and finally get back on tracks in any season.

For the customization of the optical lens you need to measure your pupillary distance. Send us with the prescription of your eye doctor, we'll say to you, as soon as is possible, how is the cost of your prescription Alpina eyeglasses. For any information, please CONTACT US

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