Ray Ban Man

Ray Ban Man

RAY BAN MEN Classic frames Ray-Ban, Ray Ban sunglasses ultra-comfortable not only cool, but perfect synergy of comfort and strength, ray ban sunglasses, original Ray Ban Aviator, Ray Ban with the logo displayed on the lens, ray ban drop, form that gave rise to the whole, the RAY BAN 4187 CHRIS  HIGHSTREET COLLECTIONRay Ban sunglasses rectangular unisex, with double bar with stainless steel front complete with rubber inserts.

The look and feel is unmistakeably models Ray Ban sunglasses become popular among celebrities, rock stars, and citizens around the world. L 'iconic aspect of the man Ray Ban sunglasses and Ray Ban sunglasses woman resists almost a century.

Jewellery Glasses On Line offers you ray ban glasses price of absolute advantage.

All the models are Made in Italy.

Sunglasses ray ban are discounted at 25%

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Lens Ray Ban Bausch and Lomb G 15 Lens

Product no.: 16 vintage

Ray Ban B&L Bausch and Lomb, original lenses G 15. Classic vintage sunglasses Ray Ban B & L, classic round shape. 

49.00 *
In stock

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator

Product no.: 5 occhiali da sole

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Italian discount Ray Ban sunglasses online. Best prices for Ray Ban online shopping

116.96 *
Price List 146.20 €
In stock

Ray Ban Aviator 3025

Product no.: 6 occhiali da sole

Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal 3025 3 N Ray Ban sunglasses online discounted Prices Made in Italy. Also available with polarized lens




111.92 *
Price List 140.15 €
In stock

Ray Ban RB4147 Highstreet

Product no.: 19 occhiali da sole

Ray Ban RB4147 Highstreet. Sunglasses for those who want a sophisticated look and retrò look

95.00 *
Price List 142.00 €

Ray Ban sunglasses

Product no.: 3 occhiali da sole

Ray Ban sunglasses: Ray-Ban RB3362 Cockpit Aviator icone. Functional design for men and women with the classic Ray-Ban details.


116.96 *
Price List 145.19 €

Ray Ban RB3445

Product no.: 4 occhiali da sole

Ray-Ban ® RB3445 polarized sunglasses offer the best of both worlds; protection and fit. Ideal for most face shapes

104.86 *
Price List 131.07 €
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