The line of watches Frankstone allows you to use as dial your favorite natural stone. It is of particular natural stones, round cut, interchangeable, fully embedded in contact with the skin of the wrist of the wearer. Frankstone watches are synonymous of attention to the physical, emotional and spiritual. For centuries man scrutinizes the healing properties of natural stones. Entire peoples and civilizations have attributed to natural stones special curative and wellness exploiting the energy vibrations that release. The crystal and geomancy ( reading of stones) study their properties and purifying energies.

Frankstone presents his collection of watches that can accommodate in the dial your stone choice for your well-being.

It is 7 stones each of which corresponds to the 7 chakras which are associated with specific physical and spiritual benefits .

Hyaline quartz for clarity and order in thoughts. Amethyst promotes concentration and awareness. Red Jasper for initiative and will. Hematite, courage and pragmatism. Green Jade openness and communication. Tiger 's eye safety and creative spirit. Rose quartz for love and vitality. Sodalite sensitivity and knowledge. 


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Frankstone watches
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