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Cruciani bracelets, bracelets needle and thread

Cruciani four-leaf clover A wish for every four-leaf clover, a four-leaf clover for every wish. Forte Dei Marmi, Tokyo, Dubai. Symbol of hope in unexpected joy and luck. The four-leaf clover bracelet is the first born of the Maison Cruciani. Like a jewel embroidered, is very original gift idea, adorned with a lucky phrase translated into 9 languages. 

Cruciani butterfly, a very cheap price for the famous bracelet worn by Belen. The bracelets butterfly in macramé lace, lots of bright colors for the butterfly bracelet Cruciani. The butterfly is a symbol of freedom to which every man aspires. 

Cruciani C Love and Luck bracelet. Cruciani bracelets, like a jewel, bracelets with hearts and butterfly, a bracelet for good luck in love because it takes luck to find true love.  

The bracelet macrame Cruciani is Love and Luck joined together in a magic ... 'lace'. 

By Gioielli Occhiali OnLine a discounted price from the list price, only € 6 instead of € 10. Choose the color you prefer!

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The famous bracelet worn by Belen. The Cruciani bracelets butterfly in macramé lace.

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Cruciani C Love and Luck bracelet

Cruciani bracelets with hearts and

four-leaf clovers for good luck in love

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Bracelets CrucianiEven Dj PSY, the man on the video 'Gangnam Style' brings Bracelets Cruciani

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