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Rings, gold rings, silver rings, rings with diamond and stones, for men and for women. Italian jewelry to wear on finger. Shopping online.


Bracelets for men and bracelets for women and naturally bracelets for girls. Gold and silver bracelets and silver bangle bracelets online.


Necklaces, chains in white and yellow gold or in silver, necklaces with diamonds and pearls or precious stones. Fine Italian popular brands


Earrings, silver, gold and with diamond and pearl. For men and women fashion earrings and handmade earrings. Shopping online

Athena Jewels

Athena Jewels

Italian Silver Jewelry brands Athena Jewelry, silver jewelry last collection online shopping. Silver bracelets, necklaces and rings.

Charmant Jewelry

Charmant Jewelry

Charmant Jewelry the new beads in sterling silver and Murano glass, dedicated to Vasco Rossi with famous phrases of Vasco songs.

le bebè

le bebè

Le Bebè Jewelry, Italian Jewelry collection Lucebianca. Gift ideas for mums and children. The famous shape of little boy and little girl in the dice.

Le Lune Glamou Jewelry

Le Lune Glamou Jewelry

LeLune Jewelry, Le Lune Glamour jewellery, from Italy the enigmatic and borderless elegance of pearls. Finest Pearls jewelry shop online



Mymara Jewels. Mara Venier' watches and Jewelry. Mymara, Jewels collection of Mara Venier at Special prices shop online

Morellato Jewelry

Morellato Jewelry

Morellato Jewelry, Morellato Jewelry from Italy, at best price. Morellato Jewelry sale italian online shop. Morellato women's jewelry store

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Cruciani butterfly

Product no.: 71 gioielli

The famous bracelet worn by Belen. The Cruciani bracelets butterfly in macramé lace.

10.00 *
In stock

Gold Ring With Black Stone for men

Product no.: 195 gioielli

Gold ring with black stone mens. Man rings, Men's italian jewelry at the lowest prices. Free Delivery in EU Market in 10 days.

857.00 *
In stock

PERNO Charmant Jewelry necklaces

Product no.: 315 gioielli

PERNO Charmant Jewelry necklaces for necklaces charms. Shop online Charmant Jewelry Italy, necklaces charms collection. Buy now!

73.00 *

Le Bebé Dice gold pendant

Le Bebe' Dice gold pendant with tree Le Bebè Jewels, Italian Jewelry brands. Fashion Jewellery.



40.00 *
Price List 48.00 €
In stock

233 gioielli

Product no.: 233 gioielli

In stock

Mens Gold Ring With Red Stone Carnelian

Product no.: 194 gioielli

Mens gold ring with red stone. Mens rings yellow gold and red stone Carnelian, made by the best jewelry designers. Shop online now!

880.00 *
In stock

Black Onyx Ring Mens

Product no.: 192 gioielli

Black Onyx Ring Mens. Gold ring with black stone mens. For engagement or else, precious jewelry gift for him, buy online!

465.00 *
In stock

Smart Jewel Morellato necklace

Product no.: 197 gioielli

Smart Jewel Morellato necklace. Smart jewelry Morellato necklace heart. Brand new Morellato

180.00 *
Price List 199.00 €
In stock
can be shipped within 3 days

Mens Ring With Stone

Product no.: 110 gioielli

Yellow Gold ring with black stone mens. For engagement, as a wedding ring, yellow gold ring is a precious jewelry gift for him.

350.00 *

Athena TRIBAL GOLD Regular

TRIBAL GOLD, gold plated silver necklace. Regular gold plated necklace online shopping! Outstanding jewelry Athena Gioielli, shop online.

337.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Beads Vasco Rossi: Sei chiara come un'alba

Product no.: 261 gioielli

Charmant Jewelry beads Vasco Rossi: «Sei chiara come unʼalba, sei fresca come lʼaria» Vasco Rossi jewelry shop online.

24.00 *

Original Man natural sterling silver ring

Product no.: 96 gioielli

Original Man, natural sterling silver ring for men. Athena Silver jewelry, mens ring in hypoallergenic silver 925. Made in Italy.

100.00 *

232 gioielli

Product no.: 232 gioielli

In stock

Athena TRIBAL GOLD Necklace

Product no.: 128 gioielli

Athena TRIBAL GOLD Necklace by Italian silver jewelry designers. Gold Plated Silver Jewellery Online Shopping! 

337.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Athena TRIBAL Silver Necklace

Product no.: 131 gioielli

Silver necklace Tribal Athena Jewel, Silver italian jewelry designers. Athena Jewels in natural silver. Shop Online!

299.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Regular Necklace Athena TRIBAL

Athena, silver italian jewelry designers. Silver necklace Tribal Athena in natural silver. Sterling silver jewelry Online!

299.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Silver Bracelet Athena Matilde

Silver Bracelet Athena Matilde. Italian silver bracelet 925. Totally hypoallergenic Italian silver jewelry by Athena.

729.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Silver Circle Bracelets

Product no.: 133 gioielli

Silver bracelets Athena Jewellery in hypoallergenic silver 925, Italian craftsmanship. Silver bracelets for women shop online.

155.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Earrings Athena TRIBAL GOLD

TRIBAL GOLD Earrings, gold plated sterling silver jewelry by Athena, silver italian jewelry designers. Italian earrings online shopping!

80.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Athena Earrings TRIBAL Silver

Silver Earrings Tribal Athena, women jewelry. Athena, silver italian jewelry designers. Italian earrings online shopping!

71.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Breil Flowing woman

Product no.: 172 gioielli

Flowing Breil necklace, women' necklaces Breil Jewels, italian jewellery for women. Breil jewelry buy cheap

99.90 *

New Gifts Card

Card gifts for online shopping on Gioielli Occhiali OnLine. Gift Cards for all Categories & more at everyday low prices.

100.00 *

Breil Skyfall Necklace

Product no.: 178 gioielli

Breil Skyfallnew Breil steel Necklace, with three different lenghts pobbible. Buy Breil jewels online at the best price.

126.00 *

Breil Bloom Necklace

Product no.: 155 gioielli

Breil Bloom Necklace Buy cheap.

Special offer at EUR 9,90 if you buy at least EUR 90,00 of Breil's products. 

99.90 *

Bloom earrings

Product no.: 173 gioielli

Breil earrings Bloom collection.  Breil Jewels, hypoallergenic stainless steel earrings. Breil jewelry Italy.

75.00 *

Breil Sunset

Product no.: 149 gioielli

Breil Sunset necklace. Women' necklaces adjustable lenght.  Breil Jewels, italian jewellery for woman. Breil jewelry buy cheap

75.00 *

Breil Heart necklace

Product no.: 148 gioielli

Breil Heartbreaker necklace. Women' necklaces with heart.  Breil Jewels, italian jewellery for women. Breil jewelry buy cheap

98.00 *

New Amber teething necklace

Amber teething necklace Necklace amber baby to relieve teething pains for your baby. In natural baltic amber Buy cheap


26.00 *
In stock

Swing Earrings

Product no.: 174 gioielli

Swing Earrings by Breil Jewels Italy. Women's fashion earrings Swing collection.  Breil Jewels, hypoallergenic stainless steel earrings

63.00 *

Silver Rings bands

Product no.: 165 gioielli

Silver rings bands in anallergic silver. Engrave your love phrase. Athena Jewels VERSI collection.Italian craftsmanship jewellery

104.00 *
Price List 130.00 €

Vintage silver bracelets

Product no.: 160 gioielli

Vintage silver bracelets 925/1000 with floreal fantasy Italian Jewelry craftsmanship. Shop online vintage silver sterling bracelets

200.00 *
In stock

Kite earrings

Product no.: 150 gioielli

Breil earrings Kite collection. Breil jewelry Italy Milano. Breil Jewels, hypoallergenic stainless steel earrings

65.00 *

Silver Bracelets

Product no.: 132 gioielli

Silver bracelets Jewellery in hypoallergenic silver 925 Last Jewellery Italian craftsmanship

181.00 *

Breil necklaces

Product no.: 152 gioielli

Breil Back to Stones necklaces Women' necklaces by Breil Jewels, italian jewellery for woman. Breil jewelry buy cheap

85.00 *

Ring Rubin Gold

Product no.: 26 gioielli

Ring Rubin Gold Ring in yellow and white gold, with a central rubin and 14 diamonds. Italian Jewellery Online





3,811.24 *
Price List 4,234.71 €
In stock

Rebecca' Rings

Product no.: 83 gioielli

Rebecca' Rings, bronze and gold woman Ring, White quartz stone. A Style icon of italian fashion. Jewelry shop online.


120.99 *
Price List 239.97 €
In stock

Men Silver Bracelets

Silver jewelry men silver bracelets in natural silver 925 hypoallergenic. Athena Jewelry silver bracelets mens shop online.

139.00 *
Price List 174.00 €
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Eden Ring with Ten Commandments

Silver ring engraved with the Ten Commandments. Totally hypoallergenic. Athena Italian jewelry brands shopping online

152.00 *
Price List 190.00 €

Earrings with pearls

Product no.: 69 gioielli

Earrings with withe cultured pearls an 18 Kt white gold. For women, a classic gift for wedding and promise. Shopping online.

59.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

Sterling silver stone bracelets

Product no.: 137 gioielli

STERLING SILVER JEWELRY Athena silver bracelets in natural silver 925 and natural stones In hypoallergenic silver. Jewelry Italian craftsmanship.

79.00 *
Price List 99.00 €
In stock
can be shipped within 7 days

Gold dice pendant

Yellow Gold dice pendant Le Bebè Italian Jewerly brands store online. For mother and child Italian jewelry fashion




140.00 *
Price List 158.00 €

Elegant Men's ring

Product no.: 94 gioielli

Men's Jewelry, Rings for men, with natural diamonds.For an engagement or buy for yourself.


570.00 *
Price List 702.00 €
In stock

Ring Breil Secretly

Ring Breil Secretly. Breil jewellery italy from Milan, rings with secret. Breil jewel Secretly in two colors transforming it from time to time 




70.00 *

Rose de France earrings with diamond

Rose de France earrings, natural Rose de France and diamonds. Certified diamonds 'No conflict diamonds' Jewelry made in Italy

289.00 *
In stock

Trilogy Earrings white gold 3 diamonds

Product no.: 90 gioielli

Trilogy Earrings with 3 Diamonds, Beautiful and delicate earrings model white gold, with natural diamonds.


279.00 *
In stock

Gold Mens ring

Product no.: 109 gioielli

Gold Mens ring Elegant white and yellow gold mens ring with diamond Men's Jewelry online shop. Gifts for an engagement. 

416.00 *
Price List 661.42 €
In stock

Mens ring with three diamonds

Men's Jewelry, Rings for men, as a gift, or for an engagement or buy for yourself.


710.00 *
Price List 1,054.00 €
In stock

Solitaire Ring Diamond

Solitaire promise ring white gold. Women's wedding rings, one diamond ring in white gold. Jewelry for the bride, shop online!

3,295.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

il Centimetro Bracelet must have italian bracelets

Product no.: 16 gioielli

Il Centimetro Bracelet by giordano Torresi. Authentic leather digitally printed with the iconic seamstress' meter



25.00 *

Centimetro Bracelet

Product no.: 140 gioielli

Bracelet in leather, tailoring design centimeter meter seamstress, closing Magnetolock Matt White.




30.00 *
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