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Marcello Giorgio

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Silver centerpieces

Product no.: 113 oggettistica

Silver centerpieces sculpture 'Le Fanciulle' 'The Maidens' by Marcello Giorgio. Precious centerpieces for wedding

491.00 € *

Silver four-leaf clover

Product no.: 5 idee regalo

Silver four-leaf clover with ladybug magnets Silver wall hanging charm signed Marcello Giorgio Recanati, Italy. Italian gifts

20.00 € *
In stock

Silver heart shaped magnets

Product no.: 9 idee regalo

Silver heart shaped magnets Marcello Giorgio Wedding magnets. Italian gifts wedding magnets silver

20.00 € *
In stock

Owl magnets

Product no.: 6 idee regalo

Marcello Giorgio silver owl magnets for car or for fridge. Italian wall hanging magnets signed Marcello Giorgio

20.00 € *
In stock

Silver Bear Magnets

Product no.: 8 idee regalo

Silver Bear Magnets Silver personalized magnets with message signed Marcello Giorgio. Precious and unique gifts from Italy.

20.00 € *
In stock

Wedding magnets silver

Product no.: 7 idee regalo

Marcello Giorgio wedding magnets silver 'Letter to the bride and groom'. A wedding gift for a wedding anniversary. Italian Silverware.

20.00 € *
In stock

Metal flower magnets

Product no.: 10 idee regalo

Metal flower magnets. Italian gifts online signed Marcello Giorgio. Shopping online wedding silver magnets.

20.00 € *
In stock


Product no.: 11 idee regalo

Horseshoe magnets lucky charms by Marcello Giorgio. Silver metal magnets with pesonalized message. Gift Ideas.
20.00 € *
In stock

Padlock Heart

Product no.: 12 idee regalo

Padlock Heart Shaped Silver magnets lucky chairms online, signed by Marcello Giorgio italian silver designer

20.00 € *
In stock

Magnets couple kittens

Product no.: 13 idee regalo

Magnets Couple kittens in silver metal with personalized message of love. Magnets to wish Good Luck by Marcello Giorgio

20.00 € *
In stock

Marcello Giorgio Sculpture

Product no.: 67 oggettistica

Marcello Giorgio Silverware Recanati Italy, 'La Sapienza'. Centerpiece, sculpture owl. Unique object. Gift idea for graduation.

200.00 € *
In stock

sterling silver boxes

Product no.: 7 oggettistica

Sterling silver boxes by Marcello Giorgio. Silver ornaments engraved. Best silver ornaments price from Italy

65.00 € *
In stock

sculpture bear

Product no.: 12 oggettistica

Sculpture Bear Lying in silver resin signed Marcello Giorgio. Italian silver unique ornaments price online

77.00 € *
In stock

Teapots collectibles

Product no.: 4 idee regalo

Little Teapot trinket silver resin by Marcello Giorgio. Teapots collectibles, silver ornaments engraved price

43.00 € *
In stock

77 oggettistica

Product no.: 77 oggettistica

43.36 € *
In stock

Silver flowers

Anthurium silver flowers reflects the colors of real flowers. Marcello Giorgio silver flowers for weddings

60.00 € *
In stock

Silver flowers for weddings

Product no.: 119 oggettistica

Silver flowers for weddings: reflects the colors of real flowers. Signed by Marcello Giorgio italian silverware

23.00 € *
In stock


Product no.: 125 oggettistica

Sculptures by Marcello Giorgio Silverware Recanati Italy, 'Motherhood' Design ornaments and sculptures. Unique object.

196.00 € *
In stock

Silver little girl

Product no.: 126 oggettistica

Silver little girl. Silver figurines by Marcello Giorgio, Italy Sculptures. design ornaments and figurines. Unique object.

86.00 € *
In stock

Silver ornaments

Product no.: 127 oggettistica

Borsalino Hats silver ornaments by Marcello Giorgio, Italy. Mini-Sculptures, design ornaments and figurines. Unique object.

43.00 € *
In stock

Teddy bear favors

Teddy bear favors. Italian silver favors by Marcello Giorgio Italian silver unique favors shopping online

38.00 € *
In stock
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Marcello Giorgio

Italian manufacturing silverware 

Marcello Giorgio, manufacturing silverware, silver sculptures, ornaments to the excellence of craftsmanship. Vases, centerpieces, sculptures, objects, lamps, pens, miniature, photo frames, jewels' boxes, crystals, diamonds. 

Best gifts even like favors.

Marcello Giorgio presents Magnetic Posts.

Messages of love, affection, sweetness, passion, friendship, desire, attention, patiencePosts luck, good luck, good luck, fate, luck, good fortune, happiness, prosperity, success, dream.

Messages for every occasion, friendship, love, marriage, anniversary, celebration, festival, greeting, sympathy, kindness, respect.

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